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Feel Real

Hi, guys! I didn't had the chance yesterday to publish the pictures of the outfit that I wore in the afternoon, so now I'm taking advantage of a little break I have from my work and share with you a look I love very much. My inspiration came from this beautiful song I've recently stumbled upon ( I'm gonna add the youtube video below). Sometimes I do like wearing comfy outfits, with a thick low heel, in a somehow boho way. That's why I was very pleased to receive my package from Wholesale7 with my hooded denim jacket, ankle boots and heart shape diamond bracelet. The perfect combo for an incredible look !

What I wore: - Wholesale7 denim jacket ( find it here) - New Look leggings  - Springfield satchel - Wholesale7 ankle boots ( find them here) - Michael Kors watch - Wholesale7 bracelet ( find it here ) - Zara hat and sunglasses

Really hope you like this look and I just can't wait to read all your comments. :) Have a wonderful afternoon, loves! Kisses, R.

Kiss me hard before you go...

Hello, my sweeties! A new week has begun and I don't know about you, but I have like tons of paper work to do... Naturally, I did go out a little today, having such a beautiful spring weather outside and all... For today's outfit I choose to try something different, seing that I had this very challenging semi-sheer black lace dress from Romwe that I've been meaning to take out for a spin. I say challenging because the weather didn't allow me to wear it until now. It's a really cool garment to have in your wardrobe, being so out of the ordinary, yet it can be styled in so many ways.

What I wore: - Zara booties - Bershka skirt - Asos corset - W.E. jacket - Romwe sheer dress ( find it here ) - Mango handbag - Wholesale Celebshades sunglasses ( find them here )
I must admit that I had a little inspiration from one of Rihanna's outfits that she had at a Victoria's Secret show. :) Hope you like it and I just can't wait to read all your comments ! Thank you for visiting m…

Fairytale Dream

Hello, my loves! We had a beautiful sunny afternoon today here in Brussels and of course that I took advantage to go out a little. I try once a day to go out for a walk...working on the pc in the house can be so depressing sometimes... :/ Anyway, I wanted to do a change of hearts today and just have that positive attitude, even though things are a bit low right now.. Thus I put together a fun outfit, bright and somehow like taken from a dream, thanks to my "dreamy" unicorn jumper from Mr.GUGU& Miss GO ^^

What I wore: - Bershka leggings - Mr.GUGU& Miss GO sweater ( find it here ) - Sacha booties - New Look backpack   

Everyone needs a little escape from reality once in a while, just having sometime for yourself and daydream, right? ^^ That's exactly what this jumper inspires me...a fairytale dream ^^ Hope you like today's outfit and I just can't wait to read all your wonderful comments! Kisses, R.

Love More

Hi, guys! Remember when I said that spring is just around the corner? Well, forget it ! :) Today was so cloudy and cold outside, that I was harshly reminded that we are still in a winter month and so I must stop dreaming about my beautiful, sunny spring. Nevertheless, I've managed to do an outfit that really shows this feeling of mine, featuring my awesome sweater from Mr.GUGU& Miss GO. The outfit is simple, casual and perfect for a cloudy day.

What I wore: - Zara boots, denim shirt and leggings - Mr.GUGU& Miss Go NYC sweater ( find it here) - New Look satchel
I always dreamed about going to New York and hopefully will someday, until then I have this wonderful sweater keeping me company and wearing it simply drives me closer to my's like wearing a piece of art, you feel so attached to it ! xo Well, I'm gonna leave you now... Thank you for visiting my blog and hope to see you around soon ! xo
Kisses, R.

Owl love

Hello, sweeties! Hope you liked my earlier post about dresses. I've been meaning to post it for some time now... Anyway, I just got back from outside, at this hour it's kinda chilly, but you can see that the day is bigger now, so there is still a bit of daylight even now. For today's outfit, well, I went somehow comfy and maybe a bit to youthful? The arrival of spring really gets the inner child out and I feel like doing all sorts of new fun stuff, as I always liked adventure and all :) My package from Mr.GUGU has arrived just in time today, carrying three wonderful sweaters that are positively cute ^^ The sweater that I'm wearing today fits very good so many outfits and I wanted to take it with a skirt, but I knew I would come back a bit late, so I thought choosing leggings would do the trick ;)

What I wore: - H&M leggings - Mr. GUGU and Miss GO sweater ( find it here ) - WConcept Korea booties - Zara clutch

Well, this is what I wore this afternoon and I can just say that I…

Dresses Wishlist

Good afternoon, my sweeties! Before publishing my usual outfit of the day post, I just wanted to share with you guys a little wishlist of my own, featuring some of my favorite dresses I've found at TBDress, the online boutique that carries a wide, wide variety of dresses, along with other clothing garments that are simply stunning and at incredible prices. I must admit that from their site I simply crave for their wedding apparel, but the site has much more to offer than that. Take for instance their collection of unique bridesmaid dresses, that can be found here: It's true that the bride is the center of attention on the day of her wedding, but I'm sure that the bridesmaids have to be well dressed as well. They are, to say so, the reflection of the bride, and thus they have to be spotless. Browsing through TBDress, I found so many wonderful designs, but I believe that these ones are my ultimate faves:

This gorge…

Run this Town

Hi, guys! I don't know if I'm dreaming or not, but seems like spring is right around the corner. For me spring defines a new begging, a fresh start, the moment the year really starts! I'm still ill, but trying to face the day's challenges, although I can really tell you that it's kinda hard... Anyway, you know the saying " stressed, depressed, but well dressed!"; that's why I tried to do today, defy the problems and just concentrate to keep my head high, in a rough outfit, a look created thanks to my Romwe jacket which has a incredible design btw, and the inspiration I had from an old song of Rihanna.

What I wore:- Karen Millen boots - Bershka shorts - Romwe jacket ( find it here) - Wholesale Celebshades sunnies ( find them here) - Six clutch
I really hope you like this rough outfit. I find it really perfect for a concert as well if you like to make a few heads turn that is ;) I also have some news from Romwe:
Only three questions! Simple survey about mobile ga…