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Private thoughts

Hi, guys! It's the weekend and I think you're all so excited to go out tonight. I was super happy that it didn't rain today, although the weather is no longer "summerish, the temperature is still ok for the moment. Nevertheless, I didn't want to take the chance, so I put on my super cute woolen coat from Very Simple that is absolutely perfect for keeping yourself warm this fall. The look is super simple and sleek, in a way maybe minimalist, but definitely chic. Ok, so I think this song suits the outfit very good:

What I wore: - VerySimple woolen coat ( find it here) - Zara shoes - Romwe clutch - Choies skirt
Hope you like the look, guys and don't forget to leave your comment with your opinion :) Kisses, R.

Be your own designer

Hi, guys! Oh, after a crazy night I must say that I woke up with an enormous headache, but it was totally worth it. It's been a while since I got out of the house and have a fun night. I think that you really need these kind of nights where you can go and get all that pressure out of your system. Speaking about fun, well, fashion can be fun as well, especially when it's you who can create your own designs. That there is why Metal Pressions Design lets you design Your Own Jewelry! That's right, you can choose from their wide range of necklaces, charms, wedding rings, money clips, etc. and turn your idea into reality. They also have lots of materials, finished and also, you can even carve your message or name on the metal. Of course, you have as well all sorts of symbols to add to your design. You can check all that out, in this here tutorial. I wanted something interesting and matching with many outfits, so I went for a leather necklace and a silver bar where I carved down my n…

Fool for You

Hi, guys! Yesterday I was super busy planning just 10% of my 2 weeks trip in december. Suddenly I found myself with the whole day passing by while I was stuck on my computer searching and getting the max of info regarding the vacation. I won't tell you where I'm going (as usual) haha so you'll just have to wait until then to see. :) Anyway, today I managed to leave the house and actually did some pics of today's outfit... The weather here is now turning into autumn, as it should, I know, but still I long for the beautiful summer days... I think that I love the turtle neck trend the most. Maybe that's the reason I bought so many sweaters in that direction. Today I have the one from Romwe. It's super cool and cozy and not to mention very trendy, with its sleeveless design.

What I wore: - Romwe turtleneck sweater ( find it here) - Zara loose shorts - River Island vest - Ken Shoes tennis
Well, that being said, hope you like my look and please, don't hesitate to leave m…

To the Moon and Back

Hello, lovies! I hope you all had a wonderful Saturday and we only have tomorrow until another working week. I visited my aunt today (the one who lives in Belgium). I wanted to look very cute and yet fashionable, so I went for a curent trend that is so in this season: big turtle neck sweaters. Mine is from the Lookbook Store and frankly, I couldn't be happier with it. I know that the presentation of the sweater in the store is totally different that how I wore it, but that's the beauty of it. It's loose and you can wear it as you please :) Oh, and I don't even have to mention this amazing clutch from Amiclubwear that really adds an element of surprise to the outfit.

What I wore: - Zara dress - Lookbook Store sweater ( find it here) - Zara shoes - Amiclubwear clutch ( find it here)
So, how do you like this look?  Wishing you a perfect weekend Kisses, R.

Switch Lanes

Hi, guys! I just can't believe the indian summer we're having here in Brussels. It's so pleasant to go for a walk in the afternoon. As I did today :) I love my new black trench coat with white details from the Lookbook Store. You can style it in so many ways, but the look I'm gonna share with you today will be a bit...awesome :D Here's a song that says it all:

What I wore: - Lookbook Store trench coat ( find it here) - BCBG MaxAzria sandals - Zara shorts - bag received as gift
So, how would you wear this jacket?What do you think of this combo mix :)? Well, saying that, I'm wishing you a great weekend! yeeey :D Kisses, R.


Hi, guys! Oh, it's only now that I have a moment to breathe from my super busy day. I have so many on-going projects that I just can't seem to find some time for myself. Anyway, I did find a short break when I shoot today's outfit so I can share it with you guys. My two-piece orange set from Amiclubwear has been sitting for quite awhile in my closet and I thought that today was the day I will finally wear it. To tell you the truth, it's a bit big from my actual size so that's why, probably, I have been avoiding to wear it. But hey, some days are more "looser" than others,, right? :) Anyway, after I saw the pics, I thought that it would have been better to have a sporty approach on the look. But anyway, here's the final outfit:

What I wore: - Amiclubwear two piece suit ( find it here) - Pimkie shoes - Mango purse - Choies sunnies

So, how do you like the outfit? Looking forward to read your comments:) Kisses, R.