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We are golden

Hi guys, As I'm shamefully waiting for my sushi order, I thought it would be a good opportunity to share with you a new outfit post ! Btw, I'm saying shamefully cause my mom cooked a lot today and "I'm cheating" on her by ordering sushi...even more, she does not know, so that makes it a bigger sin lol. Anyway, getting back on what I'm wearing today, well, I decided to go all glittery and try to make gold work with red. It's a big strong, I know, but still, I think I like it ! Do you?

What I wore: - Lookbook store sequin dress - Mango shoes - Marie&Frisco blazer - New Look clutch


Hey guys, Hope your weekend is going well. I just went to Zumba courses today for the very first time ! It's def my fave ! Lately I've been trying to go to the gym on a daily basis and I love it. I really hope this ambitious move will last me a long time cause frankly, I'm slowly reaching my 30s and it's starting to show. The metabolism isn't what it used to be. I'm not complaining of course, but I feel that it's time to be more active and live a more healthy life!  Anyway, speaking about looks, I have a new outfit post for you today ! It's quite eye catching and I really love how the color palette turned out.

What I wore: - Rosegal blouse ( find also casual maxi dresses on their site) - Sammydress fake collar body chain - Gatta skirt - Zara shoes - VerySimple bag

I really hope you like the look, guys! I hope to be back tomorrow with yet another outfit post :)
Kisses, R.


Hi guys, I really do hope next week the weather will be better cause I'm getting tired of having to wait around for Spring to kick in so I can show off my new outfit ideas for the current season. Anyway, I was thinking of taking over my YouTube channel and make some beauty tutorials ! What do you think? Meanwhile, even though it was a super windy day, I managed to shoot something for today ! I simply love the simplicity of this look and how everything comes together in a perfect office look ! 

What I wore: - VerySimple blazer - Poppy Lovers dress - Jeffery Campbell boots - VerySimple bag

So, what do you think? Would this be something you'd wear to work for instance? :)
Thank you for checking out the look, guys! I'll be back shortly with more ootd posts hopefully xo
Kisses, R.


Hey guys, I just returned from Antwerp (again). Today I had the pleasure to be there for the Komono store opening that was so cool ! There were so many people around and I couldn't help noticing how Internet brings us together. It got me thinking also how lucky we are that we can have a good lifestyle and not to mention find work easier with online adds and everything. I don't know if you know it, but I've been a part of the StepStone community for quite some time now and if you're in the market to get a job and don't know where to look, then know that StepStone is the place to start.

It has been around from 1996 actually, come to think about it, from ever since Internet started to "grow" on us. Having a great experience in the field, the online job board became very popular, nowadays, turning also into an app. So now you can have bothAndroid job apps andiTunes job apps

This is the web version up and the mobile version is down below

Well, it's very…

Platz da

Hey guys, You may know that I'm a big fan of hip hop music and the fact that I just love discovering new artists drove me to write this post about this awesome song that I stumbled upon YouTube. I may now know German, but the beat of this tune is so cool and the bass is exhilarating ! It reminds me of French Montana. I would love to hear a 100% version in English as well.  What do you think? Should I use it as a vid soundtrack of my usual outfit posts? 🙋

Found at:

So very caj

Hey guys, Yes, I know, it's like 1am over here, but I'm still standing, and when I say standing, I really mean it as I had the most ( I would say horrifying but the moment was so brief that I'm not in shock or anything, so I'm gonna say weird maybe) weird(?) experience. Now it's gonna sound crazy, but I always had these thoughts in my head like, what if, when I was on the highway, something would fall of a big truck and hit me just like that? I know it's quite Final Destination thoughts, but today it kinda happened. I was on my way to Press Days Antwerp, with my boyfriend and I was sitting in the right seat and out of nowhere, this big metal bar was coming at me, like very movie-like. Obviously my reaction was to duck, but "luckily" it avoided was so close ! If it were to break the window, I think I wouldn't have been writing to you now. The car got hit on the side though and it has a nasty mark now ...well, the bright side it's not t…


Hi guys, Hope you all had a fab weekend. I was super busy with gym lately. My future 30s are starting to show all around my body. What did you do this weekend? I'm happy to be back with a new outfit post today ! The weather is just dreadful over here and it's nearly impossible to shoot spring looks right now :(

What I wore: - Zaful floral blouse - Asos jeans - H&M bodysuit - Zara shoes - H&M bag - Zaful necklace

Really hope you like the look, sweeties! I have to hurry up and help my hubby in the kitchen with the pancakes now :)
Kisses, R.

Subeme la radio

Hi guys, Sorry for being MIA these last few days, but the weather here is just dreadful and I have mostly magnificent spring looks prepared to share with you. I really do hope this weather will come around cause all I want to do is lay in bed and watch (re-watch that is) TV series...😣😒 We would really need some sun right about now !  Anyway, I did managed to put something together that is both trendy and accurate for this weather.

What I wore: - Poppy Lovers jacket - Zara sweater - Zara jeans - Timberland boots - Sacha Shoes satchel